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Man of the people (if they'd let him be)
Man of the people (if they'd let him be)

My personal thoughts on the firing of Jeremy Clarkson


Now, I'm not saying I don't enjoy Top Gear. I do. The challenges are always hilarious and they crew seem like a great bunch. It's great entertainment, but the thing is, everyone is losing their fucking minds over nothing.


Jeremy Clarkson assaulted Oisin Tymon. That's it. He had be warned before about not fucking up, and then he went and did the most severe fuckup he could have short of killing someone. That's not a "witch hunt" as I see some people on the front page calling it. That's due justice. We can't hold someone above the law just because we like them. No matter how much people cry and complain about how the BBC is now nothing without Top Gear (trust me, the BBC will continue on), all I hear are people thinking that their right to be entertained is above people's right to a safe workplace and to not be assaulted.

Anyway, that's my thinking. I just can't wait for all this bullshit to blow over and everyone to quit trying to spin the situation. Thanks for reading.

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