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Man of the people (if they'd let him be)
Man of the people (if they'd let him be)

Rant about car ownership

I want a car. I really do. Ask my parents, I’ve been asking for years if there’s any way that I could get some financial support for a car. And the answer is pretty much always no. I totally understand why: I’m a young dude, so insurance would be a bitch and a half. I have student loans that need to be paid off. And I live downtown in a big city, where I can walk to work and school. A car would be useless for those things.

But I want to drive. I love being out and about and exploring. I love driving in rural areas and seeing what I can find. I just love the adventure and freedom owning a car brings. I had the family car to myself for one summer, and it was one of the best things that’s happened. I love driving, but unfortunately, it’s out of reach.


It just feels... I dunno, unfair sometimes? My cousin just got a brand new RAV4. People on Oppositelock who are younger than me get cars. I know a bunch of them work hard for them, and love them dearly, and I have no gripe with those ones. Maybe I’m just bitter and spiteful because I see them with nice cars and I’m looking at $1600 Saabs and Civics and thinking “yeah, that would be really sweet to cruise in”.

I dunno what prompted this rant. I just needed to get these feelings off my chest. On the plus side, depending on how things work out, I could probably start looking at actually buying my own car in... a year or two. Great.

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